[FULL ALBUM] TAEYEON’s (태연) 1st Album “My Voice” Mp3

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Download album Taeyeon’s 1st albums “my voice” mp3 update 2017. kumpulan lagu TAEYEON’s (태연) 1st Album “My Voice” full album.

Berikut ini detail albumnya:

  • Title: My Voice – The 1st Album
  • Artist: 태연 (TAEYEON)
  • Genre: R&B / Soul, Ballad, Dance, Rock
  • Release: 2017.02.28

Girls’ Generation leader Tae Yeon exploits her versatile vocals to the fullest in her first full-length album My Voice. Varying in genres from pop ballad to pop R&B and PB R&B, this release includes the title track Fine and the modern, chic I Got Love.

List Track Album TAEYEON’s (태연) 1st Album “My Voice”:

  1. TAEYEON – Fine (태연)
  2. Taeyeon – I Got Love (태연)
  3. TAEYEON – Feel So Fine (날개)
  4. TAEYEON – Cover Up
  5. TAEYEON – Im OK
  6. TAEYEON – Time Lapse
  7. TAEYEON – Sweet Love
  8. TAEYEON – When I Was Young
  9. TAEYEON – Lonely Night
  10. TAEYEON – Love In Color (수채화)
  11. TAEYEON – Fire
  12. TAEYEON – Eraser

[Full Album] TAEYEON’s (태연) 1st Album “My Voice” Mp3